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Date of birth 1992 October 17th

Present age 15 years old

Native place Japanese & Kagoshima prefecture

Type of blood O

Nominal size

height/weight 161 cm/41kg

Three size 79 - 60 - 89 cm

Kaori Ishii

At present Kaori Ishii is the most popular model in Japan and next check her sexy photos out.

Some sexy Asian models

The most sexy models this week, the following are some of their photos. A good model, the most important thing is to give people a good feeling.

Xue Yang

Name:Xue Yang

Height: 169cm

Weight: 47kg

Blood type: O

Birthday: Oct. 16.1980

Li Zhang

Name: Zhang Li

Gender: Female

POB: Guilin,China

height: 169cm

Weight: 48KG
Education: Central drama college

Sexy school girl

Today I found a sexy school girl, check out some of her sexy photos.

Shengyi Huang

Biography for Shengyi Huang
Date of Birth:11 February 1983, Shanghai, China
Height:5' 5" (1.65 m)
Mini Biography:
Huang Sheng Yi was born and raised in Shanghai. She graduated from Beijing film academy in 2001. Her father lived and studied in USA in the earlier 90s. Her mother is an editor who works for a famous newspaper office in Shanghai.

LI Zhang (3)

Li Zhang is so beautiful, and I could not help to release 3 posts first time .

LI Zhang

Sexy mermaid-- Li Zhang
Zhang Li shows her wearing with bikini, hot and sexy. Ocean Dream Angels love legend, will enjoy the beautiful flowers.