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JJ September 2009 Hairstyles and Makeup Looks

Hey everyone, here's JJ's September 2009 Edition, hope you guys enjoy :) I take requests! Please let me know your favourite magazine and I'll try to post some scans of it!

Makeup Looks/How-to's


The winner of the favorite outfit contest

So finally I'm going to announce the winner of the favorite outfit contest!
And that girl is...
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And here is an interview with the lovely girl!

Tell us something about yourself
My name is Ariella, I'm 24 and I live in a boring city in northern Norway. I am about to start my writing my master thesis in pedagogics and English, and after that I'll be moving away from here! My interests include, other than fashion, photography, travelling, watching films, reading, spending time with friends, going for walks, learning new things, and cooking.
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What does fashion and beautiful clothes mean to you?
A lot, I'd say. I love being able to express myself through the way that I dress. I am also quite attached to all my clothes, and I love the feeling I get from dressing up in pretty clothes and liking the way I look - I feel tremendously empowered, and it brightens my mood in every way. This may sound superficial, but I can't help it.
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How would you describe your personal style?
Very feminine, girly, romantic... I nearly always wear dresses, skirts, pretty blouses and cardigans. I really like vintage or vintage/retro inspired fashion as well.
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Which item in your closet couldn’t you live without?
Definitely most of my dresses and my coats, but I suppose most of it, since I am quite attached to everything, like I said.
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For what piece of clothing that hangs in your closet, do you feel the most ashamed of?
Hm, I don't think I am ashamed of anything. I put a lot of thought into everything I buy, and my closet consists of clothes that I love... oh, wait! My "work clothes". Those are just regular clothes that are old and that I wouldn't dream of wearing anymore. I just don't want to spoil my other, pretty clothes at work (I work part time taking care of elderly people), so I just have to have this division. It's funny, because people who would see me in my "work clothes" probably couldn't imagine that I dress the way I do outside of work.
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Do you often have miss-buys or do you wear everything you buy?
Very rarely anymore. I try not to buy anything unless I am sure that I love it and that I wouldn't be able to pass it up. I never buy things when I just think "oh, this could probably work" or "this might look nice" because I would get tired of it within weeks or months, and I want my closet to consist of quality pieces that I'll love and cherish for years. I think that's a very important thing if you want to create a wardrobe (unless you like throwaway fashion) as so many people don't put a lot of thought into their purchases.

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Did you ever have the feeling you wanted to fit in as for clothing, because you don’t look like the average person you see walking on the street? I don't think so. Maybe when I was younger, but then I didn't stick out much anyway, so that wasn't really an issue then. 90% of the time I feel very comfortable with what I wear.
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Did you ever had unpleasant comments on your clothing, and if so, how did/do you deal with it? Not that I can think of (though maybe in other languages when travelling, but I wouldn't know that!), but I often get stares. I think people around here are too reserved to say anything at all - even if they do like it. As for the stares, they don't really bother me because they usually come from people with absolutely no style at all. I know that I dress so much better than them, so I've got nothing to feel distraught of or embarrassed by.
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Maybe tips for the people who want to wear their own style, but are afraid? I can relate to this being difficult for many people, especially when you're a teenager (I wanted to dress differently when I was in high school, but the thought of what other people might think stopped me). I think the key is to subtly add bits and pieces of your own style, get comfortable with that, and then add more. You'll end up feeling more confident to dress the way you want and before you know it you'll be dressing the way you've always wanted to!

What is your favorite trend right now?
To be honest, I am not very trend driven, at least not consciously, but I think flapper dresses and swingy knee length skirts are gorgeous. And I am very excited for capes this winter!
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Which trend do you think is awful?
I wouldn't consider it a trend anymore, but I think leggings are awful - they hardly look good on anyone. I also think the half shaved head look is absolutely dreadful.

Do you have a fashion-icon? Or a website where you get inspiration?
I am mostly inspired by other bloggers, such as Sandra, Alix, Aya, as well as others, films, magazines, what I see around me, and Blair Waldorf.

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What would you never, but then also never wear on the fashion area? Leggings, jean skirts, jean jackets, anything scenester, and anything bimboish, sluttish and tacky.
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Is there something you would like to say to the people who read this? Don't be afraid to dress the way you want to, try out new styles... after all, we're only young once and it's sad to waste that time not being able to express yourself in the way we want to.

Ariella, thank you that you entered the contest and now answered my questions! I really enjoyed this and I like that I learned more about you! Hope everyone else also enjoys this :)

Anna Sui

I love Anna Sui! (I just have to marry a guy with a last name of Sui and I can be Anna Sui too....HAHA!) I love her website, it's ADORABLE! You have to check it out!

Everything about her lines: fashion, makeup, and accessories...I just adore!
Some pieces I love off the runway **stay tuned for my next post on Anna Sui's Fall 2009 Ready to Wear Post :)**:

Anna Sui has a clothing line at target, check it out if you like her style :) Too bad there aren't any targets in


Where to find Anna Sui:
Selected Target Stores across the US have the Anna Sui Ready to Wear Fashion line :)
Sears in Canada carry the makeup/skincare/perfume collections at an Anna Sui Counter
** Pacific Mall in Canada has TONS of discounted Anna Sui makeup products
** carries some makeup products and perfumes

I was really inspired by Anna Sui's bold black-rose packaging and I found some of these hairclips which reminded me of it! The one on the left is a prize for a giveaway here!.

I will be selling these soon, stayed tuned :) ~ Purele Jewelry

Makeup Packaging by Anna Sui:

I love Anna Sui's packaging with the black rose~ It's very unique and cute at the same time. I actually don't own any makeup or skincare products from Anna Sui but here are some I want to try out sometime:
* Liquid Foundation
* Powder
* Loose Eyeshadow powder

Do you guys have any other suggestions for me to try?? Leave a comment!

Favourite Perfume:
My favourite perfume from Anna Sui is her limited edition Dolly Girl Bonjour L'Amour Eau de Toilette Spray released in 2007. I got one from a friend of mine and here it is!

The smell is very citrusy and summery and I love it! The only bad thing about it is that it does not last very long so you would have to re-apply.

I also love flight of fancy and would love to try it sometime! I love the packaging as usual :)

This was just another day without you

So finally! A new outfit. It isn't the most interesting outfit ever, but I like it. I wore this before I went to Italy. That might explain my incredibly pale skin. That I miss a bit, since I did got a little tan. Evi and I are calling my skintone now beige. Yes, I'm beige. Not brown, but beige. Cool huh?

Some of you asked me if I could tell how Harry Potter was and I have to be honest. I didn't liked it. I'm really critical when it comes to films. Especially when the film is based on a book I read. It was more a lovestory than an exciting film. And also the end pretty much sucked. There wasn't a funeral! There was in the book. But all with all there was something funny while we were watching the film. At the part that Harry is getting something to kill Voldemort with Dumbledore he has to get water for Dumbledore. And he does that in some kind of lake with creepy things in it. Living body's or something... No, not zombies. While he gets water from the lake a creepy thing grabs his hand. But then on a way that the entire hall got scared. And I don't get scared easily. Boyfriend does his very best to scare me, but he can't accomplish his mission. Except for one time, but that was just plain mean (story for an other time ;) ). But while that creepy thing grabs Harry's hand suddenly, the entire hall got scared. And also Jeanette, friend of the family. I didn't got scared of the creepy hand, but I did got scared from my grandmothers hand that suddenly grabed my leg (who was sitting next to me) who got scared from Jeanette's reaction! It was a massive chain reaction, because my dad got scared from me and his neighboors got scared from him! Oh man, I'm never going to watch another film like this with Jeanette! No, just joking haha.

Now the outfit! With my lovely hat and dress that I already own for what is it? 2 years I believe. It's timeless!
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M by M dress
Vintage hat from the ILV Temporary Boutique
Necklace from the Ilv Temporary Boutique
Stella McCartney wedges