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New drawing and new postcards for sale

I made this drawing in Photoshop for fun, and ended up kind of liking it.

The original sketchbook version is always better though, at least to me.

Anyhow, I thought it would look cute as a little print, so I got four more drawings together and made a postcard set that you can buy on my Etsy shop. Each one is shiny and colorful and about 4" x 6". Here are the other ones...all stuff I've posted before, but tweaked to be more "print worthy."

I am making larger prints of some of these that will also be on my Etsy store shortly. I'm also working on some new Skadi prints.

You can click this drawing to go to the shop! Thanks!

Also, thanks for all the encouragement on my last post. I'll definitely be posting more drawings from my hill folk project soon.